The past 22 years of research into my child's condition gave me the experience of having read countless studies and books related to all aspects of the Autism spectrum. For the aid of parents trying to find answers I have compiled a list of material I have found to be very helpful in understanding the unique puzzle that is Autism.

Educational Books and Reading

Autism Solutions                                                   

Dr. Ricki Robinson

Infancy and Early Adulthood  
Dr. Stanley Greenspan

The Child with Special Needs  
Dr. Stanley Greenspan
The Challenging Child   
Dr. Stanley Greenspan

Playground Politics  
Dr. Stanley Greenspan

The Development of Ego    
Dr. Stanley Greenspan

Development Based Psychotherapy      
Dr. Stanley Greenspan

The Course of Life vol.4 Adolescence    
Dr. Stanley Greenspan

The Incredible Needs of Children    
Dr. T Berry Brazelton/Dr. S Greenspan

The Learning Tree   
Dr. S Greenspan, Nancy Greenspan

The Emotional Functional Assessment Scale                                                                    Greenspan/DeGangi/Weider  

Hearing Equals Behavior                                                                                                   

Dr. Berard

A Users Guide to the Brain                                                                                                

Dr. John Ratey

First Feelings    
Dr. S Greenspan/Nancy Greenspan

The Essential Partnership   
Dr. S Greenspan/Nancy Greenspan

The Ear and Language                                                                                                    

Dr. Alfred Tomatis

Sensory Integration and the Child                                                                                 

A.Jean Ayres, PhD

Thinking Goes to School    
Hans Furth Hary Wachs

Change Your Brain Change Your Life                                                                               

Dr. Daniel Amen

Asperger's Syndrome                                                                                                        

Dr. Tony  Attwood

Navigating the Social World   
Dr. Jeanette McAfee

Teaching Asperger's Students Social
Skills Through Acting                                                                              

Ameelia Davies

The Teenage Book of Manners   
Fred Hartley and Family

Asperger's Syndrome and Adolescence                                                                      

Teresa Bolick, PhD

A Mind at a Time  
Dr Mel Levine

Reading Too Soon                                                                                                       

Susan Martins Miller

Frames of Mind                                                                                                                

Howard Gardner

Sensory Motor Training Activities    
Wm Braley Geraldine Konicki Catherine

Children With Tourettes Syndrome  
Edited by Tracy Haerle

Food Allergy                                                                                                                     

Dr S  Allan Bock

Thinking About You Thinking
About Me                                                                                                        Michelle Garcia Winner

The Secret Life of The Brain   
Dr. Richard Restak PBS

Visualizing and Verbalizing for
Language Comprehension    
Nancy Bell


The Sound of a Miracle                                                                                                

Annabel Stehli

Dancing in the Rain                                                                                                     

Annabel Stehli

A Miracle to Believe In   
Barry Neil Kaufman

Thinking in Pictures                                                                                                   

Temple Grandin

Emergence: Labeled Autistic                                                                                             Temple Grandin

A Thorn in My Pocket                                                                                                   

Eustacia Cutler

Silent Words   
Margaret and David Eastham

Soon the Light Will Come                                                                                                  Thomas McKean

The Siege  
Clara Clairborne Park

Pretending to be Normal   
Liane Holliday Willey

Our Journey Through High Functioning
Autism and Asperger Syndrome   
Lianne Holliday Willey Tony Attwood

The Unconventional Child   
Randy Lee Comfort

Dibs In Search of Self                                                                                                

Virginia M Axlline

When Snow Turns To Rain  
Craig B. Schultze

Autism: From Tragedy to Triumph   
Carol Johnson Julia Crowder

Nobody Nowhere                                                                                                       

Donna Williams

Somebody Somewhere                                                                                                      

Donna Williams

There's A Boy In Here    
Judy and Sean Barron

Let Me Hear Your Voice                                                                                         

Catherine Maurice

The Indigo Children   
Lee Carroll Jan Tober

Born On A Blue Day                                                                                                    

Daniel Tammet