Part of my services includes locating a Peer Mentor/Mentors for young adults and children on the autistic spectrum.

Loneliness and lack of social involvement are key concerns of parents and individuals with ASD. Being included and valued as a human being is a necessary component needed byall people!

I have access to very gifted Social Thinking therapists who can work with your ASD individual through a referral process.

There is a big difference between "knowing the social rules" and applying them...experience!


I find a "typically developing" peer and place them with an individual on the autistic spectrum. Appropriate role modeling, in addition to high social expectations, tend to have positive, productive outcomes for the ASD individual.

I train the mentor in the area of my clients "individual differences" and develop a program that combines different strategies that may work with those clients' specific needs. I also get together, on a regular basis, with all of the Mentors and have them share their personal experiences and brainstorm their challenges and successes. This gives each Mentor a sense of value, responsibility and a creative but supervised problem solving opportunity.

I work with local universities creating "Volunteer Service Time" in the particular "discipline" for that college student (Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Sensory Integration, Physical Therapy) and my client in need of such service. The college student works under the supervision of his or her professor.