Before I knew I was pregnant with Johnny, a little girl named Jessica McClure, then 18 months old, fell down a well in Midland, Texas. The event was covered worldwide during the several days it took rescuers to dig her out of the hole she was stuck in. They worked heroically and tirelessly for 58 hours until they succeeded. Nobody involved even thought of quitting, giving up and letting her die there because the rescue seemed impossible and overwhelming!

When Johnny was diagnosed with Autism by a well-known local psychiatrist, I was told to "leave him where he is and focus on my other two children as he would never be able to function past the level of a seven-year-old cognitively, emotionally nor socially".
The story of Jessica McClure popped into my head when he said that, and I decided to dig Johnny out of this hole.

It is easy to quit and give up when you see your child is physically safe for the time being, BUT they are still trapped in a world they did not ask for!

They CAN NOT get out by themselves!
They CAN get out with the help of a team of experts.

I feel I was given the chance to help others rescue their children from this hole that is Autism.
I feel very honored and qualified to have this opportunity to help other parents AND CHILDREN! 


 Chico State University
Chico, California
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Major Physical Education
Minor Geography

Chico State University
Chico, California
Secondary Teaching Degree
Student Teaching Experience in Alternative Education


 High School Physical Education Teacher
Marysville Union High School
Marysville, California
Taught grades 9-12
I Developed a Special Education Program for Special Needs children before Special Education was Federally mandated.
Jan 1973

State Board Member
Autism Society of Michigan

PTO Vice-President, President
Forest Hills Central Woodlands-Central Middle School
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Focus on Learning Styles and Bullying/Teasing issues
I Initiated Challenge Day (a National award-winning Bullying/Teasing program)

Forest Hills Public Board of Education
Grand Rapids, Michigan

 November 1999 Presenter, Washington DC
*The Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders Third Annual Conference

March 2000 Presenter, Los Angeles, California
*Eight Annual Lindamood-Bell International Conference on Learning Processes

Seminars: 1992-2011
Attended ICDL and Profectum Seminars and Webinars